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Individuals who want to be professional engineers take a step toward that goal when they take the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. College graduates who have at least four years professional experience in their chosen specialty may take the exam, but first, they may wish to begin PE exam prep with a tutor found for you by Varsity Tutors. Prospective employers will look for the professional engineer designation (as do clients) as an indicator that you are competent in your chosen specialty. The PE designation comes with completion of the exam.

Some of the professional engineer exams, and all of the fundamentals of surveying and professional surveyor exams are given via computer, and some of the professional engineer exams are taken with a pencil and paper. No matter how your exam is given, PE Exam test prep can be beneficial, especially if you enlist the help of a tutor, to focus in on the specific subject areas where you feel less confident. Throughout your PE exam test prep with a tutor, you'll have the ability to slow down and focus more on areas where you're feeling some struggle, while still having time to quickly review the information you're comfortable with. The goal is to make sure that you're more confident in all areas of the exam than you might have been without taking a PE Exam class and engaging tutoring help.

The chart below offers some basic information on the PE exam.

PE Exam:

  • some exams are administered via computer, others by pencil-and-paper
  • Scoring varies on the testing experience(CBT or Pencil-and-Paper)
  • No exams are offered in both formats

Working with a tutor as part of your PE Exam preparation can help to clarify areas of your discipline that your experience and PE exam classes may not make fully clear. No matter which discipline you choose, PE exam tutors can help you by designing study plans that include a variety of review methods - practice tests, flashcards, lecture-style, or visual aids. The variety may help you to work through your PE exam test preparation and PE exam courses with more ease. Professional engineering exams are designed to measure an individual's competence in any of the disciplines listed in the chart below.

Engineering Disciplines that are covered:

  • Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Control Systems
  • Electrical and Computer
  • Environmental
  • Fire Protection
  • Industrial and Systems
  • Mechanical
  • Metallurgical and Materials
  • Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Naval Architecture and Marine
  • Nuclear
  • Petroleum
  • Software
  • Structural

PE Exam test prep doesn't have to be a stressful experience, especially if you combine PE exam tutoring and a PE exam course. Together, those efforts may help you feel more calm and confident as you get closer to your test date.You may even find that PE Exam test prep can be enjoyable, if you're getting the support you need. Depending on which professional engineering exam you take, and the format of the exam, your scores could be available in as little as 10 days (for computer-based tests) or 8-10 weeks (for the pencil and paper exams).

Getting started with PE exam tutoring is easy. Just contact Varsity Tutors today, and we'll try to match you with a tutor who can work with your schedule and who will take the time to understand how you learn best. We look forward to helping you get all the information you can out of your tutoring and PE exam course.

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