Live learning

Purpose-built for Student & Tutor Engagement

Our Live Learning Platform features an interactive whiteboard and tools designed to accelerate understanding. Paired with HD video, students and tutors can discuss in real time and engage with the content more deeply.

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Interactive for Learning Comprehension

Our dynamic whiteboard and useful tools are paired with HD video allowing tutors to collaborate with students, personalize content, and better visualize concepts for improved outcomes.

Live Group Classes

1-on-1 or Small Group Tutoring

Students receive personalized expert instruction while working individually or alongside their peers in a collaborative setting. Small group tutoring supports up to 5 students in a session.

Engaging Tools for Online Learning

Live learning tools

Live Learning Platform feature breakdown:

  • Device agnostic
  • Tutoring session recordings and anytime playback for review
  • Integrated content and practice problems that are standards-aligned
  • Teachers or administrators can share materials with tutors to prepare for sessions
  • Exit tickets
  • Live document editor
  • Live coding editor
  • SSO integration
  • Security and privacy

Effective High-Dosage Tutoring at Scale

Our comprehensive platform access is available to all students in your district at no cost, allowing you to focus your budget on targeted intervention with high dosage tutoring options. Whether tutoring is managed by district or school staff, assigned by educators, or requested by parents, flexible and effective tutoring options are available for districts to drive learning outcomes.  

tutor match

Finding the exact-right tutor

Taking into account everything you tell us, any assessment results you provide, and over 100 additional attributes, we use a series of über-smart algorithms to pinpoint the perfect tutor for your student’s needs.