Unique Learning Pathways: Special Education Services

Solutions for maintaining IDEA/OCR compliance for students with disabilities

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IDEA compliance

Students are struggling and need individualized instruction.

ADA/IDEA compliance in the face of unforeseen disruptions is challenging

Varsity Tutors for Schools helps provide the individualized instruction required for students with IEPs and 504 plans.


Your comprehensive solution to equitable and compliant support services for Special Education students

  • Live 1-on-1 and small group scheduled tutoring with subject matter experts
  • Experience implementing instruction for students with learning differences
  • Supplemental support, 24/7 Chat Tutoring, Live Instructor-Led Group Classes and more
  • Individual learning plans supported by consistent student/tutor engagement
  • Customer success support and reporting to maximize program effectiveness

Over 10,000 tutors with experience in special education instruction

Our rigorous vetting process sets a high bar for talent.

What we look for in an expert:

  • Experience implementing learning for students with learning differences
  • Understanding of both IEPs & 504 Plans
  • Exceptional teaching and communications skills
  • Adept at identifying why students struggle
  • Exceptional skills building relationships with students
  • Models executive functioning skills and positive mindset
  • Provides differentiated instruction in content, learning strategies, study strategies, and executive functioning skills
  • Prior teaching and mentoring experience

Personalized Instruction For Every Student

personalized sped

Effective High-Dosage Test Prep Tutoring at Scale

Our comprehensive platform access is available to all students in your district at no cost, allowing you to focus your budget on targeted intervention with high dosage tutoring options. Whether tutoring is managed by district or school staff, assigned by educators, or requested by parents, flexible and effective tutoring options are available for districts to drive learning outcomes.