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Varsity Tutors for Schools

High-Dosage Tutoring Delivers High Impact

Have 100% confidence that your district is tapping into the ultimate tutoring network, a cutting-edge technology platform, and an evidence-based approach to closing learning gaps.

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Embedded in the School Program

Our platform integrates seamlessly with classroom tools and curriculum used across your district, while delivering targeted support that aligns to your district’s educational goals.

  • State Standard-Aligned
  • Device-Agnostic
  • Integrate With Your Preferred SSO
  • Leverage Your District’s Assessment Data
Administrator Portal for Varsity Tutors for Schools

Administrator Portal

Our robust and transparent reporting identifies and monitors the use of weekly sessions across your district.

  • Usage Tracking - Overview of your weekly tutoring sessions completed, scheduled and available to use.
  • Recorded Sessions - Each tutoring session is recorded and available for review, along with notes from the tutor and mastery data for each session.
  • Progress Reporting - Easily understand program impact with formative and summative progress data for students using tutoring.

Exactly What Your District Needs

With Varsity Tutors for Schools, you can choose to administer high-dosage tutoring centrally at the district level, empower teachers to manage high-dosage tutoring interventions, provide parents with the opportunity to request high-dosage tutoring at home, or combine these options to meet the needs of your district stakeholders.

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District Assigned™ Tutoring

District Assigned tutoring offers a suite of features that help district staff deliver personalized high-dosage tutoring intervention to targeted groups of students with a focus on bridging learning gaps. Using District Assigned, administrators can manage high-dosage tutoring programs centrally, identify the district staff that is best suited to request tutoring, and define academic focus areas for student learning.

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Teacher Assigned™ Tutoring

When students start to fall behind in class, Teacher Assigned tutoring empowers the educators who know them best to schedule face-to-face personalized high-dosage tutoring from high quality consistent tutors. Teachers get an extra set of hands per student while every student receives the individualized support they need to close learning gaps and return to class more confident and engaged.

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Parent Assigned™ Tutoring

Empowering parents to be advocates for their children’s learning can enable them to take a more active role in their child’s education experience. Our parent program enables district parents to request tutoring for their students and schedule high-dosage tutoring sessions with a subject-matter expert tutor at home. Parents can also register their students for our live classes, leverage our recorded content to help students with homework, and use our adaptive assessments to understand their student’s learning gaps and progress.

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