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Varsity Tutors specializes in helping students like you find professional Dayton SAT prep services to help them pursue their academic goals. The SAT is a world-famous college admission exam taken by students attending local schools such as Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School and Butler High School as one of the first steps toward applying for college. It can be difficult and even intimidating, so consider bringing in the experts to assist with your test prep.

We can find you two different resources. First, we can find you a Dayton SAT prep course where you can study with a knowledgeable teacher and several other students in a collaborative learning environment. Alternatively, we can find you a private Dayton SAT tutor who can help you prepare for the exam at your own pace. Keep reading to learn more about which option would be the best fit for your needs!

What subjects are generally covered in Dayton SAT prep?

The SAT is a pencil-and-paper exam with three multiple-choice sections: Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. Your Math score is on a scale from 200-800, while Reading and Writing/Language are scored together on the same scale. These two numbers are then added together to produce your final composite score on the SAT. All test-takers must take all three of these sections.

In contrast, the SAT's Essay question is completely optional (though certain schools may require it). If you choose to take it, your work is scored on a scale from 6-24 that is reported separately from your composite score above. Here is a breakdown of the concepts and skills measured by each section of the SAT:

1. Math

The SAT's Math section consists of a total of 58 items over 80 minutes, but it's split into two subsections: calculator and non-calculator. On the calculator subsection, you have 55 minutes to respond to 38 questions. On the non-calculator subsection, you have 25 minutes to respond to 25 items. Both subsections are written to assess a test-taker's algebraic understanding, quantitative problem-solving skills, and analytical thinking capabilities. Particular emphasis is placed on how to work with expressions, an important concept in college mathematics and beyond.

2. Reading

The exam's Reading section contains 52 items over a testing session lasting 65 minutes. This section evaluates a student's critical thinking and reading comprehension skills through passage-based items. Topics are drawn from throughout academia, as every exam includes one passage on classic or contemporary literature, 1-2 passages from the Founding period of American history, one passage on the social sciences (psychology, sociology, economics, etc.), and 2-3 passages about science (biology, chemistry, Earth science, physics). You may be asked to work with charts or graphs in this section, but math is never required.

3. Writing and Language

The test's Writing and Language section involves 44 items over 35 minutes. This section assesses how well a test-taker understands the mechanics of written English, including punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar. You are also tested on the ability to use context to define an unfamiliar term and assess relevance in an argument. Finally, students are asked to identify how a piece of writing could be made stronger.

4. Essay

The assessment's Essay section contains one prompt that you have 50 minutes to answer. You are asked to evaluate the persuasiveness of another author's argument, paying special attention to how they used evidence, reasoning, and stylistic choices to make their case. This exercise serves to measure a student's written communication, argumentative, and critical thinking skills.

What are the benefits of each of the Dayton SAT preparation choices available to me?

We can set you up with a Dayton SAT prep class that covers everything you need to know for the exam. Your instructor will be a knowledgeable SAT expert with fantastic communication skills, allowing any questions you have to be met with a trustworthy answer. Our live virtual platform also facilitates real-time interactions, allowing you to talk to your teacher and your classmates as if you were in the same room. Of course, every meeting actually takes place online so that you can study anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Working with other students also provides several advantages. You can exchange test-taking tips to help each other feel more confident on the day of the test. Likewise, you can share strategies to help each other out. For instance, taking notes as you read the passages on the Reading section can make it easier to remember the information. Similarly, you might want to read the questions before the passage so that you know what information you should be looking for.

Multiple students can also split the cost of the class, making premium test prep more affordable than it would be if you had to pay the entire bill yourself. You can also arrange private study sessions with your teacher if you need some extra help with a particular concept.

Naturally, working with a private instructor is the best way to receive individualized attention. A private tutor can take the time to understand your unique needs and design sessions around them to improve your study efficiency. Private instruction also proceeds at your pace, allowing you to skim through concepts you understand while providing additional examples to help explain anything you are having a hard time with.

We also try to make all of our offerings as convenient for you as possible. If you want to take a class, we offer both two- and four-week classes to make it easier to find one that fits into your schedule. We also start new classes every week, so there's always a fresh class for you to jump into. Similarly, students who want to work with a private instructor can use our Live Learning Platform to receive face-to-face instruction without the hassle of physical meetings. You also set when you want to meet with your private educator, mitigating scheduling conflicts.

Can I sign up for Dayton SAT prep today?

Simply use the information provided below to reach out to an educational consultant who can set you up. Varsity Tutors also welcomes questions about our Dayton SAT prep services, so contact us today for more info!

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