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If you are preparing to take the OAT assessment, you may want to consider taking an OAT course offered by Varsity Tutors. The OAT is an important exam for assessing your potential success in an optometry education program. If you've ever spent time online searching for things like "OAT tutoring near me", then you probably already know how effective it can be to get OAT test prep help from an expert instructor. Being properly prepared through OAT preparation can be an important factor in helping you to feel more confident on exam day. When you feel confident in your skills, you can be less nervous and recall learned material more easily. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get more information on the benefits of OAT prep.

Why Take the OAT Examination?

Students across the country decide to take the OAT when they make the decision to attend optometry school. In fact, taking this exam is a required part of the admissions process at each of the 20 optometry schools you can attend in the United States and Puerto Rico. Beyond that, a solid score on the OAT could make you a more attractive candidate for admission at the schools you ultimately apply to.

Additionally, when you earn a strong OAT score, you may have the potential to earn more scholarship money. Optometry school can be very expensive so you should make every effort you can to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities that are available to optometry school candidates. Of course, getting a strong score on the OAT is something that is easier said than done. OAT test prep from Varsity Tutors may be the missing piece to your OAT test preparation plan. You can learn more about the benefits of OAT test prep and the exam itself by continuing to read below.

OAT Eligibility Requirements

There aren't many requirements that you need to satisfy in order to become eligible to take the OAT. The test is given by the Association of Schools and College of Optometry, or ASCO. They do recommend that potential test takers wait to take the OAT exam until they've completed at least two years of their college education. This is because doing well on the OAT requires a solid understanding of scientific subjects like biology, physics, and chemistry.

You'll also want to make sure that you sign up for the OAT exam slot of your preference well in advance of your optometry school admissions cycle. This ensures that you get your test score back with enough time to spare so that you can still apply to optometry schools early in the admissions cycle. Applying early to these schools is a good idea because of the competitive nature of their admissions process.

Taking the OAT exam early also gives you the opportunity to retake the test if you aren't happy with your initial score. If you do decide to retake your exam, then you'll want to keep a few things in mind. First, you'll have to wait at least 90 days from the date you took your last OAT test before you become eligible to take the exam again. Similarly, candidates who have already taken the exam three times must apply in writing to take the OAT test another time. If you find yourself in this scenario, then you'll also only be allowed to take the OAT one time per 12 month cycle.

These restrictions for retaking the OAT exam were instituted to ensure that students who retake the exam have the opportunity to study the material that gave them trouble when they took the exam last time. However, it can be difficult to create a strong OAT test preparation plan without any guidance. You may want to contact Varsity Tutors and inquire about OAT test prep assistance if you're looking for extra help with your study sessions.

Breaking Down the OAT Exam

The Optometry admission exam comprises four tests that are timed as detailed in the chart below. OAT tutors can work with you during OAT test prep to improve your test-taking skills:

Survey of Natural Sciences

90 Minutes

Reading Comprehension Test

50 Minutes

Physics Test

50 Minutes

Quantitative Reasoning Test

45 Minutes

The OAT exam was designed to assess how prepared candidates for optometry school are to continue with their studies at a higher academic level. To that end, the exam focuses on the skills that you'll need to have in order to find success in optometry school as well as when working as a practicing optometrist. Specifically, you'll be asked to answer a lot of questions focusing on scientific knowledge and analytical ability. Below, you'll find a more detailed look at each section on the OAT.

The test's first section, Survey of Natural Sciences, focuses on the topics of chemistry and biology. You'll be asked to answer a total of 100 multiple-choice questions within the section's 90 minute time limit. This means that you'll need to work quickly in order to answer everything without running into time issues. If you'd like some help with being able to work through this section quickly, then you can easily get it with OAT test prep assistance from Varsity Tutors.

The next test section is called Reading Comprehension. As its name suggests, this section focuses on your ability to understand and analyze dense written materials. You'll be asked to answer 50 multiple-choice questions that are based on a series of complex written passages. Again, if you need help developing your reading comprehension skills, you can get it through OAT test prep help.

Next, the third section of the exam focuses exclusively on physics. The following bullet list details some of the test topics that you will encounter. Your tutor can review these topics and others with you during OAT tutoring to gauge your skill level.

  • Units and Vectors
  • Statics
  • Dynamics
  • Rotational Motion
  • Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Data Analysis
  • Reading passages requiring comprehension and analysis

Finally, the last section of the OAT exam is called Quantitative Reasoning. This test section focuses on your analytical and mathematical abilities. To perform well on this part of the exam, you'll need a strong understanding of a range of math topics, including advanced trigonometry.

There are clearly a lot of different skills that you'll need to be successful when taking the OAT exam. Studying all of this material can be difficult to do alone. Why not let Varsity Tutors help you study with an in-depth OAT test prep plan? To get OAT test prep help, you don't have to search online for things like "OAT tutoring near me". Instead, simply contact an educational director today to learn more about each OAT prep option that is available to choose from.

Finding the Best OAT Prep Option For Your Needs

When you sign up for OAT prep assistance with Varsity Tutors, there are a few different OAT prep options that you can choose from. When selecting the OAT prep choice that makes the most sense for you, it's a good idea to think about how the OAT prep option fits with your learning style and test goals. Below, you'll get a more detailed look at each type of OAT prep that is offered by Varsity Tutors.

The first OAT prep option you may be interested in is OAT tutoring. This form of OAT test preparation is conducted in a one-on-one learning environment that is free of distractions. OAT prep with OAT tutors gives you the chance to work with a qualified tutor who can answer any questions you have about the material. Take full advantage of the time you spend with your tutor in the OAT classes to openly communicate about the material and any weak areas you have.

During an OAT prep session, the tutor can give you a baseline assessment to clearly define areas where you're excelling and areas where you need work. This assessment is an invaluable tool in OAT courses because it enables the tutor to create a customized plan for tutoring. OAT tutors can set benchmarks to measure progress during the OAT test prep.

Alternatively, you may also be interested in taking a small group OAT class. Taking an OAT class that has this format may be the right option for you if you've previously enjoyed learning in the classroom environment. Your OAT classes will be taught by an expert on the exam who knows what it takes to perform well on it. OAT classes even replicate some aspects of private OAT tutoring in that they offer the opportunity to work with your OAT preparation instructor in a one-on-one environment if you need extra help with a challenging topic. If you think this test preparation option is the best fit for you, then you don't need to search online for "OAT classes near me" to get started. Instead, you can just contact an educational director at Varsity Tutors today if you're ready to get started.

You can benefit from OAT test prep if you get nervous when taking standardized tests. Your tutor can work with you to share relaxation techniques that can help you relax on the exam day. OAT tutors can help you hone your study skills so you are able to feel confident when studying, which can improve recall on test day. There are no magic methods here, but the OAT preparation instructor can show you the best way to relax when you feel pressured.

Time management is an important factor when taking a timed test. You need to make sure that you spend the right amount of time on each question and section. That is another reason why OAT test preparation is so invaluable. The tutor can give you timed practice tests so you both can see how you would perform on exam day. After completing practice tests, the tutor can gauge your progress and continually reevaluate the structure of the tutoring.

Another benefit you can receive from the OAT courses you ultimately sign up for is flexibility. When you sign up to take OAT courses, we make every effort to connect you with an experienced educator who can meet your scheduling needs. You'll also be able to engage in our Live Learning Platform to participate in online tutoring. The flexibility that you'll find through OAT courses ensures that you can get the test preparation help that you've been searching for without having to worry about how it will impact the rest of your life.

Understanding OAT Score

The OAT is scored on a scale ranging from 200 to 400. Depending on the test year, a score of 300 is typically the median. To put this in perspective, if you earned a score of 350 while taking your exam, then you would be at about the 90th percentile. If you're not familiar with how the percentile system works, this simply means that a score of 350 would be better than about 90% of the other individuals who took the same exam you did.

As touched on previously, the admissions process at optometry schools is notoriously competitive. With only 20 schools to choose from, there just aren't enough slots for all of the students who want to attend optometry school to get accepted. This is why getting a strong OAT score is so important. You want to put your best foot forward when applying to these schools. To that end, taking an OAT course with Varsity Tutors could be the right way for you to get more out of your study sessions.

Getting Started With Your Own Ideal OAT Course

If you plan on taking the OAT soon, then signing up for OAT courses could help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your test preparation plan. To get started, you don't have to look online for "OAT courses near me". Instead, just get in touch with an educational director at Varsity Tutors to learn more about the test preparation options that you can choose from. You can increase your confidence level in your knowledge of the material covered on the OAT exam by completing OAT prep with the help of Varsity Tutors. Our Educational Directors are ready to discuss all of the benefits of OAT test prep with you. Get started with an OAT class today.

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