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If you have been looking into formal DAT test prep to help you pursue academic success, Varsity Tutors can find you a private DAT class to help you study in a one-on-one learning environment. The DAT is a standardized test set up by the American Dental Association (ADA) that is designed to assess whether an applicant to dental school has the skills required for dental training. The exam allows schools to determine whether a student is likely to perform well in the dental programs they offer. If you are ready to take your DAT prep up a notch, let us connect you with professional DAT tutoring services today!

One of the first steps in the DAT prep process is developing an understanding of the structure of the test. The DAT is a computer-based test, and practice modules are available to any student who wants to try using the electronic interface in advance of their testing date. The exam is also administered at Prometric Testing Centers. If you have any questions about how testing labs work, you can ask your instructor for advice during your DAT course.

Once you have the basics of the exam's structure down, your DAT test prep can start going over specific concepts. The chart below reveals each section of the DAT as well as how it is weighted:

DAT Exam Section Weights


# of Questions

Survey of the Natural Sciences


Perceptual Ability


Reading Comprehension


Quantitative Reasoning


As you can see, "Survey of the Natural Sciences" and "Perceptual Ability" comprise much more of your total score than the other two. As a result, large DAT courses often emphasize them at the expense of the others. However, private DAT test preparation allows you to study whatever you need to. If you feel more confident in your perception skills than the Quantitative Reasoning section, your instructor can provide math problems until you are ready to move on.

Private DAT classes also allow you to receive individualized instruction. Any questions you have can be addressed in a timely manner, and your instructor can provide immediate feedback during your DAT prep to resolve misunderstandings before they can spiral out of control. In fact, many students find it easier to ask DAT tutors for help than a classroom teacher responsible for more students.

Likewise, your teacher is able to design DAT preparation sessions with your needs in mind. For example, a visual learner might use models to illustrate the science of dentistry, while an auditory learner could get more out of a Q&A discussion format instead. If you are more interested in one aspect of dentistry than another, your instructor might also look for ways to make sessions more interesting for you.

In the next few sections, well cover each subtest of the DAT to give you in-depth information about what to expect and how a DAT tutor can help.

DAT Survey of Natural Sciences Prep

Comprehensive DAT Survey of Natural Sciences prep is available with the help of Varsity Tutors. We can connect you with a fantastic DAT Survey of Natural Sciences class that is led by an expert instructor. The Survey of Natural Sciences test focuses on general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology. You can take advantage of one-on-one DAT Survey of Natural Sciences test prep to take your study efforts to a new level.

Your DAT Survey of Natural Sciences courses can focus on all aspects of this section of the test. For example, below you can find just some of the topics discussed in the General Chemistry component of the Survey of Natural Sciences section:

  • Solutions
  • Acids and Bases
  • Gases
  • Liquids and Solids
  • Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
  • Periodic Properties
  • Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

When it comes to DAT Survey of Natural Sciences tutoring, you can work alongside your tutor to create a personalized academic plan that addresses the topics you need, rather than all of them. This shortens the breadth of DAT Survey of Natural Sciences prep for greater efficiency as you study. Your instructor can factor in your learning preferences to identify the ideal way to approach your DAT Survey of Natural Sciences test prep sessions. They may choose to employ a number of unique teaching strategies to help you engage and connect with the material as you learn.

DAT Survey of Natural Sciences tutors can spend as much time as you need on each topic. For instance, if you feel confident in your understanding of periodic properties and reactions, your tutor can progress to focus on areas like the Organic Chemistry concepts below:

  • Acid Base Chemistry
  • Mechanisms
  • Aromatics and Bonding
  • Nomenclature
  • Chemical and Physical Properties of Molecules

Your instructor can help make sure that you get the most out of each DAT Survey of Natural Sciences prep session. They can demonstrate techniques and strategies that you can use for independent DAT Survey of Natural Sciences test preparation at home. Your instructor can even offer insight into testing strategies that can help you relax on the day of the test or get a few extra points with adept test-taking strategies. As you work with your tutor, you can enjoy instant feedback, ongoing development analysis, and unique learning opportunities.

One-on-one DAT Survey of Natural Sciences test prep is as convenient as we can make it. Your DAT Survey of Natural Sciences classes can be held online over our Live Learning Platform so you don't have to make time to travel to get the help that you deserve. You can video chat with your tutor online as you interact with DAT Survey of Natural Sciences preparation materials.

You don't have to hesitate to take your DAT Survey of Natural Sciences test prep up a fee notched. Varsity Tutors can help you connect with a solid DAT Survey of Natural Sciences course that can focus on your individual needs. Our Educational Directors are standing by to answer all of your DAT Survey of Natural Science prep questions.

DAT Perceptual Ability Prep

One-on-one DAT Perceptual Ability prep set up for you by Varsity Tutors may be a valuable resource for the DAT. The DAT Perceptual Ability test can seem challenging to prepare for without the guidance of DAT Perceptual Ability tutors. We can get you in touch with a DAT Perceptual Ability test prep course instructor to give you personalized instruction.

With private DAT Perceptual Ability tutoring, you can explore the exam on a deeper level. Your instructor can patiently walk you through each subtest covered in Perceptual Ability, including 3D form development, angle discrimination, and apertures. You don't have to work through DAT Perceptual Ability test prep on your own when we can help you connect with an expert tutor who can work with you.

Custom-tailored DAT Perceptual Ability classes focus on your individual needs. Your instructor can create a personalized lesson plan that addresses your testing concerns, learning style, and areas of opportunity. You can progress through DAT Perceptual Ability test preparation under the guidance of your knowledge instructor. Your tutor can even find new ways to approach the same information to ensure that they are teaching to your academic preferences

You can work with personalized DAT Perceptual Ability prep to build your understanding of the types of problems covered on this portion of the DAT. The table below demonstrates the division of the exam's item types:

Exam Item Types



Two-dimensional Perception

One Section

Three-dimensional Perception

Five Sections

Each DAT Perceptual Ability class proceeds at a rate that suits your preferences. Your instructor can patiently explain the material as you work, whether you're working to expand your understanding of view recognition or you'd rather focus on your paper folding skills. Thorough DAT Perceptual Ability test prep can give you a unique insight into your study needs. Your instructor can introduce you to testing strategies and study techniques that can embolden your independent efforts throughout your future academic career.

You are free to ask your DAT Perceptual Ability prep instructor any questions that you may have as you learn. They can explain the content, demonstrate solving different types of problems, and even offer feedback on your current efforts. You may spend sessions taking practice tests, reviewing texts, and use other strategies to focus your attention on the topics of this exam.

You can arrange to participate in DAT Perceptual Ability courses both in-person and online. In-person study sessions can easily be arranged around your schedule to ensure that you can engage with your tutor. Online DAT Perceptual Ability test prep is available through our Live Learning Platform to allow you to interact with your instructor from an internet-connected device.

Don't hesitate to improve the quality of your DAT Perceptual Ability prep sessions. Instead of trudging through the material on your own, an instructor-led DAT Perceptual Ability course can bring you focus and structure. Get in touch with a Varsity Tutors Educational Consultant for more information about how one-on-one DAT Perceptual Ability preparation can support your academic goals.

DAT Quantitative Reasoning Prep

If you're seeking DAT Quantitative Reasoning test prep, get in touch with Varsity Tutors. We can connect you with top-notch one-on-one DAT Quantitative Reasoning classes that can serve as a valuable source of support as you prepare for this exam. The Dental Admission Test, or DAT, covers four sections, including the Quantitative Reasoning portion. This section focuses on mathematical skills and concepts. There are 40 items on the DAT Quantitative Reasoning that cover a variety of topics. You can participate in DAT Quantitative Reasoning prep sessions to benefit from a personalized study plan. Our Educational Directors can help you choose a DAT Quantitative Reasoning course that works for you.

One-on-one learning offers many unique advantages that you can enjoy. From personalized instruction to the complete attention of an expert tutor, you can build your testing and academic skills through a DAT Quantitative Reasoning class.

Your DAT Quantitative Reasoning tutors can work with you as you work to build the abilities listed below:

Quantitative Reasoning Skills Assessed

  • Reasoning with Numbers
  • Manipulating Numerical Relationships
  • Dealing Intelligently with Quantitative Materials

DAT Quantitative Reasoning test prep focuses on the material that you need the most rather than encompassing all the concepts this section covers. Your instructor can walk you through the types of problems covered throughout the test, such as expression evaluation and absolute value. They may offer practice tests to help you get to know what to expect in terms of pacing as well as to identify the areas of opportunity in which you have the most room to improve. DAT Quantitative Reasoning courses can cover each concept using different approaches until you feel confident about your abilities.

DAT Quantitative Reasoning tutoring can apply different teaching styles to your studies. Your instructor can incorporate activities and materials that can bolster your study sessions and help you get the most out of each DAT Quantitative Reasoning prep class. These may include things like videos or learning games.

Your instructor may use practice problems to give you the opportunity to practice key skills like data analysis and quantitative comparison. You may see problems like the ones below during DAT Quantitative Reasoning preparation:

The perimeter of a square is 20. Which represents the area?

A. 5

B. 10

C. 20

D. 25

E. 100

One pump can fill a vat in 10 minutes. Another pump can fill the vat in 15 minutes. How many minutes does it take to fill the vat if both pumps are operating at the same time?

A. 1/6

B. 6

C. 12

D. 12.5

E. 25

During your personalized DAT Quantitative Reasoning test prep study sessions, your instructor can work patiently with you as you learn. They may demonstrate unique strategies that you can use during the exam. These may help you manage your time, recall information on the spot, and more.

One-on-one DAT Quantitative Reasoning prep can take place online for your convenience. We aim to offer flexible and convenient DAT Quantitative Reasoning test preparation services that can meet your needs. You can use our Live Learning Platform to engage with your instructor over the Internet.

You don't have to worry about how to begin your DAT Quantitative Reasoning test prep sessions. A personal instructor can take the reigns and guide you as you build the testing and academic skills you need to reach for your goals. Get in touch with Educational Directors at Varsity Tutors to get more information about the DAT Quantitative Reasoning prep services we have available.

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At Varsity Tutors, we try to make DAT test prep as convenient as possible for you. Our mobile-friendly Live Learning Platform facilitates digital study sessions, enabling you to meet with your tutor anywhere with a stable internet connection! We also try to match every student with an instructor who fits into their schedule. We understand that you have a life outside of DAT prep, and you shouldn't need to sacrifice anything that you truly enjoy just to study for an exam.

If you would like to learn more about why Varsity Tutors is the best choice for your DAT test prep needs, please contact us today for more information. Knowledgeable Educational Directors are available to answer any questions you may have!

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