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FRM prep from Varsity Tutors can work with you as you get ready for your certification exams. Because financial risk managers are in high demand throughout the world, FRM prep can be a vital part of your professional career. FRM test prep can help you prepare for the specific contents and rigors of these exams.

FRM test prep provides you with an understanding of the specific format and content of the exams. The two FRM exams must be taken consecutively and you must pass both exams and have two years of relevant work experience to be certified. Below is a breakdown of the content on each of the two exams:

Exam I breakdown by subject:

  • Foundations of Risk Management (20%)
  • Quantitative Analysis (20%)
  • Financial Markets and Products (30%)
  • Valuation and Risk Models (30%)

Part II Breakdown:

  • Market Risk Management (25%)
  • Credit Risk Management (25%)
  • Operational and Integrated Risk Management (25%)
  • Risk Management and Investment Risk Management (15%)
  • Current Issues in Financial Markets (10%)

Additionally, the FRM exam has other demands and intricacies for which an FRM class can help you prepare. Below is additional information on the FRM certification exams:

  • Both Parts of the FRM are Pencil and paper only.
  • They are offered solely in English twice a year, in May and November, at over 100 exam sites around the world.
  • There are no penalties for wrong answers. Passing scores are determined by the FRM Committee.
  • Exam results are pass/fail and are emailed approximately six weeks after the exam.
  • Candidates will receive quartile results comparing their performance to other candidates.

An FRM course takes place online. You are able to meet with your tutor for all of your sessions via our Live Learning Platform. Online meeting makes it easier for people to access the benefits of FRM tutoring. Because it is often difficult for people to make time for test preparation, we want to make scheduling and meeting as convenient as possible for your FRM preparation.

All FRM test preparation sessions take place in a one-on-one learning environment. This means that your FRM classes are devoted to your particular needs. During FRM courses, you and your instructor can decide which content is most important for you to study. You don't have to relearn content that you already know, and you do not have to learn in a fashion that does not work well for you. FRM tutors are attentive to your learning style in order to help you remember information as well as possible, and they want to help you learn effectively.

FRM prep can help you make an effective plan for your study time. During your FRM test prep, you and your instructor can assess your current abilities, look at your study goals, and break your studying into manageable parts. This can help your time in FRM prep feel less stressful, and you can make sure that you are managing your time efficiently. Having an effective study plan for your FRM test prep can increase your confidence during the exam as well.

You and your instructor for your FRM prep can also work through test-taking strategies. Every exam has particular challenges, and you and the instructor for your FRM class can devise strategies designed for the rigors of the FRM certification exam.The test-taking strategies you work on in an FRM course can help you to feel more confident and help you to use your time effectively on the exam.

FRM test preparation from Varsity Tutors can help you pursue your study goals for these exams. FRM classes can be a vital resource as you pursue your career goals. Risk management is a demanding and growing field, and an FRM certification can be an excellent addition to your resume. If you believe the personal focus, intensive learning, and flexibility of an FRM course can help your preparation, contact an educational Consultant online or over the phone today.

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