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If you are preparing to take the LSW exam, taking LSW test prep offered by Varsity Tutors can enhance your preparation efforts. A Licensed Social Worker trains to work with a variety of individuals. However, some choose to specialize in working with a population sub-set like those with addictions. Getting LSW prep can increase your confidence level for test day. Learn more about the benefits of taking an LSW class by contacting Varsity Tutors today.

Guidance from your tutor in an LSW course is two-fold. This instructor can guide you through building test-taking and study skills during LSW preparation as you prepare for the LSW exam. You can utilize these same skills throughout your academic future as well. Take advantage of the guidance you'll receive during LSW test prep. You have a captive audience with this tutor who is available to answer any questions you may have about possible concepts that may be tested. Be open about any areas that you feel are challenging.

LSW tutors will use time wisely in each LSW test prep session starting with the initial one. They can give you an assessment to identify your knowledge of concepts in social work that may be tested on the exam. The instructor can customize the LSW tutoring so that you focus on information that you need more assistance with. Your time won't be wasted since the LSW courses have a concentrated focus on your particular learning needs and abilities. There is no specific syllabus to follow in each LSW prep session.

You have various options available to you in your career with an LSW like setting up an independent practice. The following bullet list shows other things you can do an LSW.

What can one do with a LSW?

  • Set up an independent practice
  • Specialize
  • Becoming part of a Licensed Clinical Social Work organization
  • Ensure your long term job security

While you complete LSW prep, your instructor can use real-time tracking to identify your progress in studying various concepts. The beauty of working with a personal tutor in LSW test prep is that the tutor can adjust the course of study as needed to optimize your preparation level for the exam. Flexibility is a key component of working with LSW tutors.

The Educational Directors at Varsity Tutors try to refer you to a tutor who can meet when you are available. You have will receive live instruction online through our Live Learning Platform. We try to offer you a tutoring process that is as convenient as possible. In order to use the Live Learning Platform you will need to have a stable internet connection to ensure smooth and consistent instruction.

There are two major categories of social work: direct service and clinical social work. Both categories are detailed in the following list.

There are two major categories of social work:

  1. Direct-service
    1. Practitioners' help people solve and cope with everyday problems.
  2. Clinical social work -
    1. Practitioners diagnose and treat psychological, emotional and behavioral issues.

Our LSW prep can equip you with the resources you need to build study and test-taking skills. Complete LSW test preparation with a qualified tutor and get better prepared so you can have more confidence on exam day. Contact Varsity Tutors today to find out how to get started with LSW classes.

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