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The journey from traditional schooling to online homeschooling can seem daunting. Here we support and guide you to clear answers for all of your homeschooling questions, from navigating program options to accreditation.

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Schooling for kids experiencing social anxiety or bullying

Why homeschooling may be beneficial for students with social anxiety or who are experiencing bullying or other negative environments of conventional school.

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Why homeschooling is beneficial for students with learning differences

People are rightfully concerned over the national shortage of special education teachers, which is leaving many special needs students without adequate attention. While educational staffing issues are out of your co...

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How homeschooling allows families to customize and personalize education

With homeschooling, parents find solutions. They can customize their children’s education, add subjects not typically covered in traditional schooling, and cater exclusively to their learning styles.

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Homeschooling: No more teaching to the middle.

With homeschooling’s customized pacing, teaching style, and additional attention to the student, there’s no more teaching to the middle.

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Does your family travel or move a lot? Homeschool might be right for you.

For military personnel and other types of workers, relocation is a regular part of life. For this reason, more parents are turning to homeschooling, which provides stability during frequent and difficult periods of change.

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How homeschooling can boost your child's confidence

According to numerous studies, students who have been exclusively homeschooled are more confident than their conventionally schooled peers.

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How to Keep Homeschooled Children Socially Engaged.

Keeping homeschoolers socially engaged is easier than you may think. With social media to connect you to others in the same boat, there’s no shortage of opportunities for socializing homeschoolers.

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There are different ways to homeschool

One of the upsides of homeschooling is that it’s not one-size-fits-all. As a parent you can do it all, with some help, or let a homeschooling educator take over.

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Homeschooling 101

Go from novice to expert with these tips on how to build a homeschooling community and support network, as well as knowing your state’s legal requirements.

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Let's get accredited

How does accreditation work? We lay out the requirements specific to your state and what documents you’ll need for the process.

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Finding the right curriculum

What curriculum resources are readily available and how do you choose the one that will be most beneficial to your child?