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Varsity Tutors can help you connect with an excellent GRE Subject Test in Psychology course that can support you as you work to build your skills for this exam. Taken by students who are interested in applying for a selective graduate degree program, the GRE Psychology Test is designed to measure your understanding of the psychological concepts you learned as an undergraduate. Some students opt to take these subject tests to demonstrate their skills to graduate schools during applications. Get in touch with our academic advisers to learn more about the benefits our GRE Subject Test in Psychology classes have to offer.

Each GRE Subject Test in Psychology prep course can focus on different aspects of the exam. The format of the test is broken down in the table below:

GRE Subject Test in Psychology Breakdown Percentage of Exam
Biological 17-21
Cognitive 17-24
Social 12-14
Developmental 12-14
Clinical 15-19
Measurement/Methodology/Other 15-19

A GRE Subject Test in Psychology class is customized to suit your individual needs. Working with an experienced private instructor, you can help create a learning plan that encompasses your personality, interests, academic skills, goals, and other factors. GRE Subject Test in Psychology prep courses can operate at a flow that is effective for your needs. Your tutor can review material in a way that works for your learning personality, whether you prefer visual examples or hands-on activities. They understand that no two students learn in the same way and strive to teach to your personal preferences.

Personalized instruction allows your tutor to answer your questions as they come up, allowing you to quickly correct any misunderstandings that may arise. GRE Subject Test in Psychology prep classes focuses solely on you. You can dictate what you study. You may choose to familiarize yourself with the testing format by taking practice tests or perhaps you'd rather review domain-specific concepts. Your instructor can spend each GRE Subject Test in Psychology course reviewing information, demonstrating strategies, and finding new ways to keep you engaged with the material.

The GRE Psychology Test is covers a range of topics, such as the ones listed below:

GRE Subject Test in Psychology Topics (non-comprehensive)

  • Perceptual Organization
  • Vestibular and Kinesthetic Senses
  • Sensory Structures and Processes
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • States of Consciousness
  • Classical Conditioning
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Memory Systems and Processes
  • Judgment and Decision-Making Processes
  • Attitudes and Behavior
  • Interpersonal Attraction and Close Relationships
  • Nature-Nurture
  • Perception and Cognition
  • Personality and Behavior
  • Treatment of Disorders
  • Statistical Procedures

With so many concepts to review, you may feel overwhelmed before your first GRE Subject Test in Psychology class. You don't have to worry! Your private tutor can easily help you remain organized as you study. You can confidently study concepts like nature-nurture, states of consciousness, verbal and nonverbal communication, and cognitive neuroscience alongside your instructor.

One-on-one learning can offer a unique perspective to your efforts to prepare for the GRE Psychology Test. Your tutor can assess your growth as you learn, allowing them to quickly adjust their methods as you grow to understand the material. They may employ a variety of teaching techniques, such as having you "teach" the information back to them or showing short videos that demonstrate psychological concepts in a unique way. Your GRE Subject Test in Psychology prep class can give you the support you need to build your academic skills.

Don't hesitate to reach for your academic goals. Varsity Tutors' GRE Subject Test in Psychology courses can bring efficiency to your study sessions with the guidance of an expert tutor. Get in touch with our academic advisers to learn more about how you can connect with an instructor who is ready to help you prepare.

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