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Hexadecimal Numbers

Hexadecimal numbers are simply numbers that are represented in base 16. But what exactly does this mean? When are hexadecimal numbers useful? Let''s find out:

Hexadecimal numbers explained

Hexadecimal numbers are represented in base 16, which means that we use these digits instead of 0-9:

  • 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, A, B, C, D, E, F

In other words, there are more possible digit combinations when we use hexadecimal numbers. What happens when we get past the 9? Then we start introducing letters instead of numbers. In this way, hexadecimal numbers can be more efficient since we don''t need as many number places.

For example, 3093151 is 2F329F in hexadecimal number form

In base 10, 13 means one group of 10 and 3 ones (for a total of
). But in base 16, 13 means one group of 16 and 3 ones (for a total of

When do we use hexadecimal numbers?

But why we would ever want to use such a complex number system? It might seem complex to us, but the hexadecimal system is actually easier for computers to handle. This is because 16 is a power of two so it is easy to convert to binary -- the language of computers. Four binary digits make a single hexadecimal unit. In particular, web designers use hexadecimal numbers to set colors.

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