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Congruent Segments

In geometry, congruent means identical in shape and size. Congruence can be applied to line segments, angles, and figures. Any two line segments are said to be congruent if they are equal in length.

Indicating congruence in line segments

We denote congruence in line segments as follows. If segment AB is congruent to segment CD, we write: A B ¯ C D ¯

When drawing geometrical figures, two line segments are demonstrated to be congruent by marking them with the same number of small perpendicular marks, as shown below:

In this case, you can tell that A B ¯ C D ¯ because they have two of the perpendicular marks, and that E F ¯ H G ¯ because they each have one of the perpendicular marks. In this illustration, it would be obvious which sets of line segments are congruent because they are so different in length. However, there could be a case where you are given line segments that are much closer in length or not drawn to scale, and the perpendicular marks would help you know which lines are congruent in that situation.

Fun facts about congruent lines

Optical Illusions – Congruent segments can be used to play a role in optical illusions, such as the Muller-Lyer illusion where two congruent lines appear to be of different lengths because they have arrows at the end pointing in different directions.

Map Projections – In cartography, congruent segments are essential in creating map projections that accurately represent the Earth's surface on a flat plane.

Fractals – In the world of fractals, congruent segments can be found in self-similar patterns, where a shape is made up of smaller, congruent copies of itself.

Origami – Origami often relies on creating congruent segments by folding paper along specific lines, which helps to create intricate and symmetrical designs.

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