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An angle is the union of two rays with a common endpoint. That endpoint is called the vertex of the angle.

Math diagram

An angle is named using the names of three points; one point on each ray and the vertex. Or , if there is no possibility of confusion, you can just use the vertex.

Math diagram

(Note that when three points are used, the vertex should go in the middle. So, for example,

B A C would not be a correct name for the angle on the left.)

An angle can be measured by the amount of rotation about the vertex needed for one side to overlap the other. Like rotations, angles can be measured in degrees , where 360 degrees means one full rotation.

Math diagram

In the above figure, m A B C = 45 ° .

Angles can also be measured in units called radians , where 2 π radians is equivalent to 360 degrees.

Types of Angles

Acute greater than 0 ° , less than 90 ° Math diagram
Right exactly 90 ° Math diagram
Obtuse greater than 90 ° , less than 180 ° Math diagram
Straight exactly 180 ° Math diagram
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