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Intro to Roblox Coding Camp

Your young programmer will learn the foundations of coding and game design by developing mini-games with new friends through Roblox, the world’s most popular coding game.

Camps run M-F until August 20
$250 • Ages 5 to 10 • 6-9 campers

Let’s code some games!

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Daily Roblox Sessions

Each day they’ll “work” in Roblox while making new friends, exploring game design, and learning the building blocks of coding from an expert instructor.

Day One: Scripts, Variables, & Customizing Worlds
On Monday, campers will learn to customize the look and feel of Roblox worlds and characters while exploring the foundations of coding: scripts, variables, and basic program functions.

Day Two: Functions & Game Events
On Tuesday, campers will learn to code interactivity by setting If-Then conditions to create events and outcomes.

Day Three: Loops & Advanced Gameplay
On Wednesday, campers will see how programming loops can create a never ending series of events and actions.

Day Four: Arrays & Character Development
On Thursday, campers will explore the art of data management by using arrays to store and use detailed character information.

Day Five: Game Design Challenge
On Friday, campers will put their newfound knowledge and experience to work, creating Roblox mini-games they can play with fellow campers all summer long.

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Coding StarCourses

Your young game designer will be invited to our upcoming live Coding Starcourses. They’ll hear from featured experts and learn how to create even more advanced games.

Camp Dates & Times

Intro to Roblox Coding Camp

Week-long camps, available June - August

  • About 9 campers per camp
  • 2-hour daily sessions + bonus activities
  • Special content from featured guest stars

Varsity Tutors has kept our girls engaged academically and socially! No other platform has been able to do what they’ve done for our easily bored kiddos. Huge fans!

— Henley, Parent