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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Samaira Mehta

Programmer, Young Entrepreneur, Creator of Coderbunnyz

About Samaira Mehta

Samaira Mehta is a 13-year-old Tech Entrepreneur who has been recognized by TIME as “One of the 8 Young Leaders Shaping the Decade” and a “Real-life Powerpuff Girl” by Hulu for her invention “CoderBunnyz” - a board game that simplifies complex coding concepts and teaches them in a fun farmyard adventure. Also the creator of AI gaming platforms CoderMindz and CoderMarz, and founder of Yes, One Billion Kids Can Code, Samaira has spoken at over 100 tech conferences and companies, including for Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and the United Nations.

About the class

If you like playing games, finding shortcuts, or solving puzzles, then you’re in luck: you have exactly what it takes to be an expert coder. Join tech entrepreneur Samaira Mehta for an interactive exploration of how we program machines to learn. Through a series of games—and, much like AI does, lots of trial-and-error—you’ll learn how neural networks find patterns, make classifications, and solve problems. You’ll learn how your competitive and curious nature translates directly to coding expertise, and pick up concrete computer science principles all while playing games you’ll love to play.

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