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Caldera Chronicles: All About Volcanoes

Jess Phoenix

Volcanologist, TV Host, Extreme Explorer

About Jess Phoenix

Jess Phoenix is a volcanologist, extreme explorer, and host of Discovery Channel’s Hunting Atlantis. She has organized and led over 25 scientific research expeditions on six continents, descending to the ocean floor to research volcanoes, rappelling into Earth’s largest sinkholes, racing horses across Mongolia, and fleeing danger across the world. The author of Ms. Adventure: My Wild Explorations in Science, Lava, and Life and the co-founder of environmental research organization Blueprint Earth, Jess is a frequent contributor for CNN and the BBC.

About the class

Volcanic eruptions are earth’s most dramatic and captivating events—plus they are integral ingredients in our planet’s past and future. Join TV volcanologist Jess Phoenix to get up close and personal with the causes and effects of volcanoes, and discover why:

-- Lava is less dangerous than you think (but ash is much more concerning)

-- Volcanoes are a farmer’s best friend

-- The eruption of hot ash and magma has a cooling effect on the planet

-- Volcano science may be the key to environmental protection

-- And much, much more

Come prepared to explore, participate, and ask questions: unlike many volcanoes, this class will be anything but dormant.

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