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Mission to Mars: Visiting the Red Planet

Abigail Harrison

Astrobiologist, Space Advocate, Future Mars Traveler

About Abigail Harrison

Abigail "Astronaut Abby" Harrison is an aspiring astronaut and the co-founder of the international nonprofit organization The Mars Generation. A rising star in her field, she holds a degree in biology from Wellesley College, has interned at a NASA-funded astrobiology lab, and has been featured in TIME, Forbes, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Glamour, Teen Vogue, the BBC, USA Today, and more. Currently working as a research scientist in the Jackson Lab at Harvard Medical School, Abby believes that no one is ever too young, or too old, to pursue their dreams, and she herself is living proof of that notion. Abigail is determined to help as many young people as possible start reaching for their very own stars.

About the class

Humankind is on a mission to Mars: the Perseverance rover is currently exploring the Red Planet so someday you can explore it, too. Join Abigail “Astronaut Abby” Harrison, co-founder of The Mars Generation, for an interactive discovery all about Mars: what makes it special, what may make it livable, why we want to go there, and how you will help us get there. Students will learn how we’re looking for life on Mars, and decide where they’d land their spacecraft when it becomes their turn to set up the first human civilization out of this world.

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