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Live Online SAT Prep

No matter how soon your test is, our live classes give you all the SAT prep you'll need to improve your score and apply to the colleges of your dreams. You’ll learn key test-taking strategies from experts and practice those strategies using our practice tests, question bank, and test prep app. Backed by our Better Score Guarantee.

$499 • 16 hours of live instruction • 2, 4, and 8 week classes available

What's included:

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Live Small Group Class + Highly Vetted Instructors

Get expert, personalized instruction from the best SAT instructors in our small group classes. During 16 hours of live instruction, you’ll review the exam’s structure, gain test-taking time management skills, and practice section-specific strategies to help you improve your score and beat the test. Your instructor customizes the scope of the content to meet the needs of the small group.

View sample syllabus.

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Plenty of Practice Questions & Study Tools

In addition to 16 hours of live instruction, you’ll get all of the tools you need to practice the strategies you learn in class:

  • 100s of SAT practice questions
  • Our SAT test prep app
  • Our SAT e-books
  • Our SAT practice test assessments
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Bonus: Live College Admissions Seminar

Once you've taken the SAT exam, you'll be thinking about what's next—-your college application. The seminar instructors have evaluated applicants at prestigious colleges, like Princeton, and helped students get into Ivy League schools as an admissions consultant. Gain valuable insights whether you're applying for college now or in a few months.

Better score guarantee

Better Score Guarantee

Improve your score or your money back.*

Sample Syllabus

Lesson One: Foundations of SAT Reasoning

This lesson will outline strategic processes (such as backsolving, number picking, and process-of-elimination) for approaching SAT questions and pacing, and will cover logical foundations essential to the SAT Reading questions covering logic and Writing questions covering style and rhetoric.

Lesson Two: SAT Math Foundations

This lesson will cover skills from Arithmetic (including fractions, ratios, and percents) and Algebra 1 (including linear equations, quadratics, exponents, roots, and inequalities), plus reinforce the SAT-specific math strategies from Lesson One.

Lesson Three: SAT Reading Strategy

This lesson will cover strategies for reading SAT passages, deconstruct the SAT’s question types, and attack SAT questions with repeatable, proactive techniques.

Lesson Four: SAT Word Problems

This lesson will comprehensively cover word problems, including methods for translating words to equations, strategies for structuring and solving both linear word problems and systems of equations, and techniques for interpreting and solving the unique ways the SAT tests word problems.

Lesson Five: SAT Writing - Grammar & Punctuation

This lesson will cover modifiers, verbs (including both tense and agreement), pronouns, punctuation, and sentence construction, as students master the key elements of SAT grammar and punctuation.

Lesson Six: SAT Algebra 2

This lesson will cover functions, polynomials, and the SAT’s emphasis on algebraic graphing problems, while reinforcing key Algebra 1 concepts and overall SAT math strategies.

Lesson Seven: SAT Writing - Organization, Rhetoric, and Diction

This lesson will outline the ways in which the SAT tests the logical and stylistic elements of writing, breaking down the common rhetorical question types and arming students with strategies for each. Special attention will be paid to diction and vocabulary, plus graphics interpretation, to reinforce those skills for the SAT Reading section, as well.

Lesson Eight: Geometry & Advanced Math Topics

This lesson will cover geometry, trigonometry, probability, and statistics, with an eye toward the specific scope and methodology that the SAT tests. As the SAT tests a narrow subset of these broad concepts, and provides certain equations on test days, students will learn not just what to study, but as importantly what not to study as they train their focus on test day.


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SAT Prep Class
• Typically 6-9 students per class.
• 16 hours of live instruction + self-study materials.
• Students get personalized help and attention.

"I cannot thank Varsity Tutors enough. My daughter went from a 1310 to a 1470. She was so happy with her score and seeing her hard work pay off."

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