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High School is all about growing up—physically, mentally, and socially. With classes designed to fuel that growth, we want to help you prepare for whatever comes next.

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Graphic Design Classes

Take a journey through the creative process and explore everything from design fundamentals to what it takes to start a career in visual communication.

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Coding Classes

Have you ever wanted to build a website? Or dabble in video game design? Find coding classes for all skill levels and get started today.

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Adaptive Assessments

Whether gearing up for a new school year or a big test, knowing how prepared your child is and how they can improve is crucial. Our free adaptive assessments can help with that… and quite a bit more.

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Cost-effective instruction with a personal touch.

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Meet with a handpicked tutor on our Live Learning Platform—a unique workspace that makes learning engaging for all ages.

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A smaller class means your student can benefit from more time with the instructor, and more collaboration with classmates.

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Stuck on a tricky problem? Let us know and we’ll connect you and your student with the right expert (and answers) in minutes.

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I gave Varsity Tutors an idea of my son's personality and they found the perfect tutor. He inspired my son to do better not just in English, but in every class.

— Karma, Parent of a High Schooler - Los Angeles, CA