Science: A Smarter Way to Do Things by Jacob

Jacob's entry into Varsity Tutor's November 2021 scholarship contest

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Science: A Smarter Way to Do Things by Jacob - November 2021 Scholarship Essay

What I didn’t expect to happen was for the penny board I was riding to wobble so much when I fearlessly rode down a steep hill. My daring friend wanted to take me down a huge hill and I willingly went thinking it wouldn’t be that bad. It was halfway down the hill that I realized I was gaining significant speed but forgot to ask the most obvious question, how do I stop? The first thing that came to my mind was to jump off, so I forced myself to jump. I rolled and was left lying on the ground with a torn shirt and pretty bad scrapes down my side.

The most relevant class in school that would be the most beneficial for any student would be science. It doesn’t matter what type of science because it is all helpful in people’s everyday lives. Science is everywhere, from getting out of bed to watering a plant, walking outside on a sunny day, and of course, riding penny boards. Someone doesn't have to get a science degree for science to affect them. Knowing exactly what is happening and why will help all of us from making stupid decisions that can hurt us, like the time I underestimated the outcome of me going down the hill on the penny board. If you can be smarter in the way you do things, not only can you be safer, but you can be more efficient and better off in life. This is why I think science deserves more emphasis in school.