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Dec 2021

Essay: A Leader is Compassion

Essay Topic: What trait do you think best describes a leader and why?
Nov 2021

Essay: Creativity Through Engineering Design

Essay Topic: What class do you think deserves more emphasis in school and why?
Oct 2021

Essay: "The day you say Cam will never do something, he never will!"

Essay Topic: Describe a lesson you learned from a character in a book or a person in history.
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Sep 2021

Essay: Why have anxiety when you can educate yourself?

Essay Topic: When was a time where a belief or understanding you had was challenged in the classroom? What did you learn?
Aug 2021

Essay: Touching Hearts Ten Feet in the Air

Essay Topic: Describe a time when you contributed something to your community. How did this event impact you?
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Feb 2021

Essay: I Don't Want Success

Essay Topic: What does success in college or graduate school mean to you? How do you define success?
Jan 2021

Essay: The Opportunity of Education

Essay Topic: Is education a right or a privilege? Why?
Oct 2020

Essay: The Poppy War: A Story that Questions Morality in 2020

Essay Topic: What's the best book you've read in 2020? Why did you choose this book?
Aug 2020

Essay: Graduate school: the dream, the vision, the success

Essay Topic: Imagine your dream college or graduate program. What characteristics make it unique?
Jul 2020

Essay: A Future Teacher's Mission of Bliss

Essay Topic: What would your dream classroom look like? How would it help you excel as a student?
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