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Most of us are familiar with the word "net." We might use a net while fishing or catching butterflies. But what exactly does this word mean in the world of math? Let''s find out:

What is a net?

A "net" is a two-dimensional figure that can form the surface of a three-dimensional object if we fold it in a certain way.

If you''ve ever had the pleasure of doing the recycling, you might have broken down a cardboard box so that it is as flat as possible. Essentially, you have created a net. Assuming you never tore the cardboard, you can fold the flattened form back into a box if you want.

Here''s a visual representation of this concept:

This is a net. Why? Because we can fold it into a pyramid by folding up the three triangles into an apex, like so:

In other words, a net lets us represent a polyhedron in two dimensions.

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