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Math is filled with all kinds of interesting and complex-sounding vocabulary. A classic example of one of these terms is "discriminant." So what exactly is a discriminant? When do we use it? And how can it help us on our math journey? Let''s find out:

The discriminant explained

The discriminant is an important term to know when dealing with quadratic equations.

Essentially, the discriminant is simply this expression:


This expression tends to pop up when we rewrite the quadratic formula:
0 = ax2+bx+c

to solve for x:

x = ((-b)±√(b2-4ac))/(2a)

We can see the discriminant contained within the radical sign.

So what''s the big deal? Why does this specific expression get its own special name? There are a number of important things to remember about the discriminant:

  • If it is positive, we are left with two real solutions
  • If it is zero, we get one and only one real solution because both answers are identical
  • If it is negative, we are left with two complex solutions

In other words, the discriminate can "discriminate" or "choose" different solutions based on its own "bias" or inherent qualities.

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