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Comparing Decimals

Sometimes, we need to compare decimals in order to come up with the most accurate answers. But in the world of math, there''s always a very specific way of doing things. Let''s find out how pro mathematicians compare decimals:

How to compare decimals

The first step is to figure out whether the integer parts are different. Remember that integers are the whole numbers that go before the decimal. Integers are "integral" or whole.

The next step is to find out whether the two numbers have the same number of decimal points. If they don''t, you can write additional zeros in place of missing decimal points to make sure each number lines up perfectly.

Examples of how to compare decimals

Compare 7.8 with 7.099.

We know that the integers are the same, so write two zeros after 7.8 to make the numbers line up:

7.800 and 7.099. We know that 7.800 is greater than 7.099.

We also know that the first digit that differs is in the tenths place: 8 and 0. 8 is greater than 0, so we know which number is greater.

We can also visualize this difference on a number line:

Another method involves converting the two numbers into fractions:


This clarifies which number is greater.

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