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AAS Postulate

Postulates are very useful to us in the world of math, and these "rules" can help us solve all kinds of problems with greater ease. One example of a particularly handy postulate is the AAS postulate.

The AAS postulate defined

"AAS" stands for "angle-angle-side." The AAS postulate states that:

Congruent essentially means the figures can be superimposed on top of each other up to translation and rotation, and we use the symbol "≅" to represent this property.

A non-included side is a side that is not between each angle. "Corresponding" non-included side means that both of these non-included sides must be in the same relative position.

Visualizing the AAS postulate

It helps to visualize the AAS postulate:

In this figure

∠B ≅ ∠E
∠C ≅ ∠F
, and
side AC ≅ side DF

These two triangles meet the requirements of the AAS postulate, and they are congruent.

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