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Private online tutoring for students with ADHD near you

Receive personally tailored lessons from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting who understand students with ADHD. We help you connect with in-home and online tutoring that offers flexible scheduling and your choice of locations. Varsity Tutors helps thousands of people asking, "How do I connect with the best tutors near me who understand students with ADHD?"

100% Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee

At Varsity Tutors, we're committed to connecting you to top tutors capable of delivering an outstanding experience. That's why we provide a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for "tutors near me for students with ADHD"? Varsity Tutors can help.

It's not easy to watch your child struggle with the symptoms of ADHD. Varsity Tutors understands this, and we can help you connect with highly qualified instructors who specialize in providing tutoring for students with ADHD. We know how important it is to find an experienced private instructor who understands the various ways ADHD can manifest in individuals and how difficult it can be to locate these instructors.

Individuals with ADHD often struggle with either input or output issues, and many have difficulties with both. Input issues affect a student's ability to take in information. These are often caused by distractions that make it difficult to focus on the material that's being taught. Output issues are similar in nature to issues associated with executive function deficits. They make it difficult for students to produce work that accurately portrays their understanding of the material. Input and output difficulties can be accommodated within the classroom, but students often continue to struggle with independent work if they don't receive adequate support outside of their school setting. Continue reading to learn more about how working with a tutor for students with ADHD can provide additional support outside of the classroom.

Hayley has been a tremendous help with our 9th grade son. She helps him in all subjects including study habits and organization skills. His grades have improved and he has found some study techniques that work for him. I highly recommend Hayley and Varsity Tutors.

What are some of the skills a tutor for students with ADHD near me can cover?

Students with ADHD may have symptoms that change over time. Early learners may have difficulty understanding or following directions, become frustrated easily, require frequent reminders to stay on task, or have difficulty controlling outbursts. Later in elementary school and into middle school, students may become easily distracted or forgetful, have difficulty discerning consequences, or need additional time and support to complete tasks. Teens may begin to act more impulsively, have difficulty prioritizing tasks appropriately, or rush through their work in an attempt to complete it, resulting in more errors.

Understanding that the needs of students with ADHD can change over time is essential because it means the accommodations and learning strategies which are implemented need to be fluid. Private tutoring for students with ADHD provides a high level of adaptability, which is critical for students with learning differences. No matter which skills your student needs assistance with, tutors for students with ADHD can meet your student at their current level and work with them to make the learning process more personally accessible.

Some of the ways a tutor for students with ADHD may work with your student include reviewing instructions and lessons, clarifying assignment or homework instructions, and helping them to remain on task during tutoring sessions using reminders that support the student in completing the work.

Another benefit of tutoring for students with ADHD is the additional support structure and techniques a private teacher can provide for the student to use when they are working independently, such as daily routines that provide academic structure in the home. If needed, a tutor for students with ADHD can also provide tips for the family of the student on how to offer ongoing support away from both the classroom and private study sessions. When a student has a learning difference, it can be difficult for their family to know how to best offer support. Since they have different learning needs, many of those who would traditionally offer ongoing support simply don't know which accommodations or techniques will be useful and which might simply cause more frustration. If you're curious how you can offer your student more support, make sure to ask what the tutor for students with ADHD would recommend.

What subjects can be addressed by tutors for students with ADHD?

One of the most challenging things for students with ADHD is that they need additional support in all subject areas. Fortunately, the tactics that are effective in making academics more accessible to students with ADHD are applicable across most subject areas. Because of this, tutors for students with ADHD can help students of all ages, whether they need a little extra support staying focused or with completing assignments in a wide range of academic subjects. Core subject areas in elementary and middle school such as math, reading, writing, social studies, and science can be targeted with the assistance of tutors for students with ADHD.

However, once students begin to branch into more specialized subject areas in high school or college, it may be beneficial to work with both a tutor for students with ADHD and a subject-specific tutor. This is because many courses have very specific requirements or skills. Foreign languages, technology, and AP or IB courses are a few examples of specialized instruction that could be beneficial if your student is struggling with a specific course. If your child needs help with a particular subject and you aren't sure which type of assistance would be best, you can always contact us to discuss the various options.

What are some of the benefits of tutoring for students with ADHD?

One of the most significant benefits of working with a personal tutor for students with ADHD is the ability to receive customized support. Many people believe those with ADHD are always in motion, impulsive, and hyperactive. In reality, students with ADHD can have a wide range of symptoms, such as difficulty paying attention or remembering things, managing their emotions, organizational challenges, time management issues, and more.

To add to the complication of helping students with ADHD, children of different genders often experience it very differently. Boys are far more likely to be hyperactive and impulsive and to be diagnosed earlier. Girls often won't exhibit signs of hyperactivity, so their symptoms can remain undetected for longer periods of time. This is one reason why ADHD is diagnosed less frequently in girls - even though it is just as common.

Tutoring for students with ADHD can be customized to address your child's specific symptoms, by an instructor who has experience helping students with a broad range of symptoms related to ADHD. Additionally, a tutor for students with ADHD can work with your student on the concepts and skills that are most relevant to them during their session. This could include help with homework or projects, reviewing for exams, or helping your student with time management and organizational issues to help them keep up with assignments across multiple courses.

How convenient is it to work with a tutor for students with ADHD near me?

It can be challenging to find time to add another after-school activity to a packed schedule. Time limitations can be a real barrier to providing additional academic support to students outside of a school setting. This is unfortunate, since it is when students are away from the structure of the classroom that many students with ADHD struggle most often. Ensuring that more students are able to access the support they need is one of the reasons we developed our Live Learning Platform.

The Live Learning Platform is a secure online learning environment that allows your student to connect quickly and easily with their private tutor for students with ADHD from a location that is most convenient for your schedule. Since the sessions are held online, it also means you can ensure your student is in a physical environment that is best suited for their personal needs. If you know they are easily distracted, you may want them to be in a quiet place at home or in a study cubicle at a familiar public library.

When it's time to begin a session, your student will simply log in to the Live Learning Platform, and they will be face-to-face with their instructor. The platform has several features to make it easier for students and instructors to work together, such as document sharing functionality and a digital whiteboard. If the instructor needs to provide additional resources, they can share a document or put information on the digital whiteboard. Students can receive real-time feedback on the work they are completing too. This can be an invaluable resource when completing projects or homework.

Working with an instructor in an online environment also means it is easier to find session times that are convenient for your student. Tutoring for students with ADHD can be scheduled throughout the week and on weekends during the morning, afternoon, or evening hours. If you'd prefer to have your student work with a private instructor in-person, this is also an option.

How can I connect with a tutor for students with ADHD near me?

Connecting with a tutor for students with ADHD couldn't be easier with the help of the experts at Varsity Tutors. We know just how important it is to get appropriate academic support. We make sure that instructors have the ability to communicate effectively with students with ADHD in addition to having the ability to provide academic and skills support. Whether you want in-person or online assistance, we can help you get started quickly and easily. We believe every student deserves the educational support they need to work towards their learning goals. Contact Varsity Tutors today to schedule private tutoring for students with ADHD or to learn more about the process.

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